302: the zigzag pyramid

  • step one.

    start with a ring of 6 speks. wrap the chain around the ring until there are 3 speks on each side. the speks will interlock.

  • step two.

    add a spek to the center and you’re good to go!

  • step three.

    build out your base layer by adding to the hexagon until 3 sides have 15 alternating color speks.

  • step four.

    repeat the process for the rest of your layers, making the longest side shorter by 1 each time.

  • keep going...

    I believe in you.

  • ...and going.


  • step five.

    line up your layers so the speks interlock and fold the smaller one over the large. they’ll snap into place.

  • quick tip.

    if your speks don’t interlock - try flipping one of the layers over.

  • step six.

    keep stacking those layers and you’ve just made a pyramid outta speks!

  • nice.

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