308: star hexacontagon

  • step one.

    create a chain of speks following this pattern.

  • step two.

    form a ring of 5 speks. wrap your chain of speks around the ring to create a pentagon. continue until each side has 4 speks. the shape will not be flat.

  • step three.

    repeat step two using a chain of 15 speks to create a pentagon with 3 speks per side. add a spek to the center.

  • step four.

    pick up your pentagons, one face up and one face down, interlock one edge and fold the shapes together.

  • step five.

    repeat steps one through four until you’ve created 5 star point pentagons, 6 darker pentagons and 1 lighter pentagon, as below.

  • step six.

    arrange the pointed design pentagons around the lighter pentagon to form a star. lift them off the table and form half of your hexacontagon (that’s a shape with 60 sides)!

  • step seven.

    create the other half and snap 'em together! want more how-to's? back to speks ed.

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