401: the jack-o-lantern

  • step one.

    create a hexagon out of 19 green and 18 orange speks.

  • step two.

    make the stem by stacking 3 rings of 5 green speks.

  • step three.

    form each eye by wrapping this pattern into a pentagon and fill in the middle gap by placing a spek on the back.

  • step four.

    make the mouth by wrapping this pattern, remembering to add the spek on the back.

  • step five.

    construct 9 orange pentagons, filling the hole in the center (31 speks each).

  • step six.

    make the base hexagon from 37 orange speks.

  • step seven.

    assemble your jack-o-lantern by arranging 6 pentagons around each hexagon, joining them in the middle and adding the stem.

  • the end.

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