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Desk Decor Ideas for Teachers

It’s that time of year again: the start of school. Between preparing this year’s lesson plans, contacting parents and building relationships with your coworkers, you are also expected to set up your classroom.

Some teachers may love decorating, but others will prefer to spend their time and talents elsewhere. Regardless of if decorating is your strong suit, it can be hard to find ideas for not only decorating your classroom, but also specifically decorating your desk.

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What should you include on your desk?

Before we dive into the ideas, let’s establish a baseline of what you should include on and around your desk in order to set yourself up for success

Your name: It should go without saying, but you need to display your name somewhere on your desk. There are creative ways to do this (see below!) but you can also settle for a simple nameplate.

A spot for students to turn in assignments: It’s important that students have a visible place where they can turn in assignments. This makes it easier on them (and on you) to ensure their work is turned in on time, to exactly where it’s supposed to go.

Extra pens and pencils: Let’s face it - students come unprepared. Save them the sweat by providing extra pens and pencils for their use.

The Best Desk Decor Ideas for Teachers

Showcase your name in a fun and fresh way

It’s important that your name is easily visible, both for the students and parents, but also for any potential visitors. The example shown above is adorable, but you can also use a pennant flag, but you can also look into another form of banner, order a custom name sticker on Etsy or use a sculpture.

Get a letterboard and display motivational (or funny) quotes

Letterboards are an excellent opportunity to showcase your personality, while also motivating students and improving their mood. You can use this letterboard to show quotes, important due dates, jokes or rules.

Use Ikea for all of your organizational needs

If your desk doesn’t have enough storage, Ikea is here to get you through. Ikea has a variety of affordable and useful carts, check out the RÅSKOG or LENNART. The storage solutions will ensure that all of your materials have a place, reducing stress and allowing you to spend more time on teaching the students.


Use a pegboard to turn your wall into an organization unit

Epic space saving idea: attach a pegboard to your wall. Pegboards are an easy way to increase your storage without decreasing floor space. There are cute, custom made options available on Etsy but you can also go the DIY route by setting it up yourself.

Pick a theme - and stick with it!

A themed desk space is a great way to tie your room together. The cohesive colors and patterns can be soothing, make your classroom more inviting and leave a memorable mark on your students’ minds. Creative Teaching has a ton of great theme ideas, or you can look on Pinterest.

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