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Five Stress Relief Gifts for Her

If you love giving gifts but don’t love the thrill of the hunt — we’ve got you covered. We’ll regularly update this list with the latest and greatest stress relief products for the loved ones in your life.

The majority of working adults now live with stress symptoms. According to a study by the American Psychology Association, most Americans feel stressed at least some of the time. They even call stress the “secondary pandemic health crisis.” However, studies show that giving a gift can help your loved one feel less stressed than before. Also, don't forget that receiving a gift makes you feel good too.

The best stress relief gifts for her

Choosing a gift for a loved one can be a tricky process, especially if you’re hoping to give them a surprise gift and can’t pester them with questions. It's even more difficult if you've known them for a long period of time and have given them lots of gifts over the years. How do you top your last gift?

But gifts don’t always have to be big, fancy or expensive to show someone how much you care. Making a thoughtful gift takes time and effort, but the rewards of it are well worthwhile. Whether you’re looking for a gift for a wife, mother, daughter, friend or neighbor there are some great affordable ideas that can be put together quickly.

1. Massage gun

Massage guns are electronic devices that utilize pulsing and repeat pressure to mimic the experience you’d receive in a deep tissue massage. Massage guns have been shown to relieve stress and increase blood and lymphatic circulation, this is beneficial for both the body and the mind. 

Check out Healthine’s massage gun gift guide to look through the best eight options currently on the market.

2. Yoga studio membership (in person or online)

Yoga is a workout focused on connecting a person with their breath via movement and meditative practices. Yoga classes incorporate stretching and holding different poses that will increase your strength, give you a great workout and decrease your stress levels. Try giving your love a membership to their local yoga studio to encourage a healthy stress relief outlet.

You can also buy an online membership if there aren’t any yoga studios nearby. One great option is Obé. Obé is an online workout membership that provides access and videos to many different types of workouts - including yoga.

3. CBD oil

CBD oil is one of 2021’s most trendy wellness items, which makes sense if you research the product and learn all of the benefits. One of the biggest benefits? CBD oil can help reduce anxiety. Some studies featured in PubMed have shown that CBD oil has shown promise as a treatment for both depression and anxiety. 

Check out Charlotte’s Web, a high quality full-spectrum CBD oil from a US-based company. Charlotte’s web was voted one of the best CBD oils of 2021 by Healthine.

4. Beautiful bedding

Reduced sleep quality and quantity is a common stress side effect. Your cortisol levels increase when you’re stressed, which reduces feel good chemicals like serotonin and melatonin. According to the CDC, adults need at least seven hours per night to function optimally. Giving your loved one a bedding related gift doubles as a wonderful present and a health improvement.

Brooklinen is “Internet-famous for a reason with 90,000+ five-star reviews.” Shop through Brooklinen’s recent products. 

5. Quick-cook lunch options

Skipping meals is another sign of overstress. But when you’re overwhelmed at work and have no time to cook, your reduced appetite and lack of time make it harder and harder to fit in a healthy meal. Why not reduce stress by killing two birds with one stone: nutritious meals that are cooked ultra quick?

One idea is to opt for a gift card to a prepared meal service. Prepared meal services cater to a variety of budgets and often include tasty meals that are pre-cooked or pre portioned. A great prepped option is Eat to Evolve and a popular do-it-yourself meal service is HelloFresh.

But why not try out a more unique food if your loved one is adventurous? Check out Yolele foods if you’re looking for something more unique.

Thank you for reading our gift guide. We hope that this gift guide will help you find the perfect gift for your loved ones.

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