Blots Silicone Stress Balls

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meet blots, the softest silicone stress balls you can find. in three ergonomic shapes that fit perfectly in your palm, we bet you can’t find a more satisfyingly squeezable desk toy. splotch has 6 arms to grip between your fingers and give a stress relieving squeeze. splatter has 30+ arms to twist and fidget. slammer is wonderfully weighted for that satisfying smack.

what are blots?

after many rounds of prototypes, we found the three most ergonomic, satisfying and fun shapes we could make. next, we scoured factories to find the highest quality, ultra-soft silicone we could. and here’s the result: blots.

the specs.

- super soft silicone

- ergonomic design

- satisfying shapes

- calming colors

squeezable, stretchable,


stress relief.

everyone’s a critic.

we want to see what you make! share your shapes: #speksmade

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