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How to build with Geode

How to build with Geode

How do you build with Geode? We’ll show you! These shapes can be made with one set of Geode. Watch the video or check out the step by step guide below.
  • When balancing two geode pieces, align the magnets.

  • If you feel the magnets repel each other, rotate one piece so that different magnets align.

  • Build the shapes with pieces on a flat surface, then carefully stand them up when you’re done.

  • Use alternating sides to create cool patterns, or combine multiple Geodes for even more possibilities.

  • If your creation crumbles, don’t get frustrated, these beautiful builds require patience! Plus, it’s kind of fun to knock them over when you’re done.

We want to see what you make! Share your shapes: #speksmade

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