making adulting more fun, one magnet at a time.

speks sold. (roughly.)

our mission:

we know a few things to be true; adulthood shouldn’t be boring, magnets are kind of magical, and we all deserve a little fun. so we created the world’s best desk toy with a mission to bring a dose of fun to every desk in the world (hey, we dream big.)

who we are:

you might say we’re old pros in the field of magnetic fun. our brooklyn-based team of designers, dreamers and fidgeters alike are more than just the visionaries behind speks — we’re the creators of buckyballs and zen magnets, too! (Is there a “desk toy hall of fame”? umm, just asking for a friend...)

who's talking about us:

oddly satisfying.

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you’re going to want to buy these.

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our favorite magnetic desk toy.

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the desk toy of the future.

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