Are Bucky* magnet balls really legal?

Yup. Just last week, the 10th District US Court or Appeals overturned the Consumer Product Safety Commission's ban on magnets. Adult magnet sets are back in action just in time for the holidays.

Who are magnets for?

Adults. Let's not go through all of this again. All Bucky magnetic products are for adults only. Don't give them to teens, tweens, toddlers or pets. Keep them far out of reach of children so we can all enjoy them for years to come.

When will my Balls by Bucky ship?

Due to expectedly high demand (and our already tired arms) orders can take up to 10 days to ship.

Oh, hi there. Have a question? Missing an order? Want to talk? Were Speks not what you expected?

Send ‘em back within 30 days and we’ll give a full refund. No questions asked. Fill out this form or send an email tohello@getspeks.com

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