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Stress Relief Gift Guide

Stress Relief Gift Guide

Let’s face it - burnout is real. In today’s world stress is at an all time high, leaving many people feeling fatigued and burnt out. According to a study conducted by Indeed, over half of participants are experiencing burnout in 2021—up from the 43% who said the same in Indeed’s pre-Covid-19 survey.

But how do you reduce stress and burnout? It can be hard to think of ways to reduce your stress or the stress of those around you, but it’s not impossible.

One of the best ways to reduce stress is to increase dopamine production. This can be done by increasing physical activity, engaging in meaningful conversation, or even as simple as playing a game.

These stress relief examples are great to implement for yourself, but how can you help a stressed out loved one? You can start by providing them with mental and emotional support, but showing them you care by purchasing a gift can also help. Read on to review a list of the best stress relief gifts you can find.

1. A really fun game.

This backgammon set from the Museum of Modern Art’s collection is sure to delight your loved ones.

Looking for more game ideas? Check out “We’re Not Really Strangers,” a game that empowers meaningful conversations with those around you.

2. A challenging puzzle from a meaningful day

Did you know you can buy New York Times front page papers turned into puzzles?

You can also check out Little Food Puzzles or Gradient Puzzles if you want another unique option.

3. An uplifting collection of essays

Wow, No Thank You. follows Irby as she embarks on a new life at 40-years-old. It’s a unique coming-of-age late in life story that includes an unflinching combination of relatableness and hilarity.

4. A fitness class, or day of hiking together

One of the best ways to reduce stress is to increase those endorphins through an amazing workout. Visit your local workout studio and select a day pass for the two of you. Not a studio fitness person? Search for a local hiking spot near your house and schedule a day out in the wilderness for the pair of you.

5. Give the gift of a great time building skills

Just because you’re not together doesn’t mean you can’t build skills alongside one another. Masterclass offers easy-to-follow courses that can be purchased as a gift. Select a specific course or leave it open to your loved one, regardless this gift will help them build their talents and maybe create a much needed outlet for them.

6. A meditation subscription

Meditation is proven to be a great tool for reducing stress, increasing mindfulness and improving focus. Giving the gift of a meditation subscription can help your loved one center themselves and make it easier for them to carve out a sliver of self care time. This holiday season you can give the gift of meditation via one of many apps. Check out Headspace, where you can give one month or a full year.

7. Gift a great massage or spa day

What’s more relaxing than a spa day? Not many things! Most spas and massage studios have gift cards available for purchase. This simple gift may not seem like a lot, but it’s a great way to encourage your loved one to participate in some self care. Pro tip: consult their schedule and book the massage for them in advance. Then they have no excuse to not use the gift card (but don’t forget to tell them about the appointment in advance)!

8. An adult toy that will take you back to your childhood

It’s the original mashable, smashable, buildable magnetic desk toy: Speks. Our magnetic toys are literally built for fidgeters and those who are overly stressed. Need a distraction? Construct one of our many shapes. Get frustrated? Smash it out.

We want to see what you make! Share your shapes: #speksmade

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