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The Pillow Cube

The Pillow Cube

How do you make a pillow cube out of magnet balls? We’ll show you! Watch the video or check out the step by step guide below.


What we used:

384 Speks of any color.


Watch the Video

Read the steps

  • Step 1

    Create a stack of 6 hexagons, each containing 18 speks. Use the splitter card to unwind into an 18 x 6 speks sheet

  • Step 2

    Create 3 more 18 x 6 speks sheets by repeating step one or folding a chain

  • Step 3

    Align the sheets as shown and connect, ensuring the speks do not interlock

  • Step 4

    Fold the sheet into itself, joining the edges at the corresponding side (noted by color above)

  • Step 5

    Pick an end and connect the tabs on one side, making sure the top speks align.

  • Step 6

    Close the opposite tabs and connect in the middle. Repeat step five and six to complete the cube

  • The end.

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