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Helix Magnetic Fidget Coil

A magnetic fidget coil made from 8 hard plastic arcs with a magnet in each end.

Color: Plasma
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Helix is a magnetic fidget coil that’s both practical and playful. Twist, turn and click the pieces for mind-easing movements or use them on a fridge to hang that invitation to your cousin’s wedding halfway across the country next year.

- 8 plastic arcs

- 16 neodymium rare earth magnets

Can I combine the Helix with other products?

Yes! Helix is fun to combine with Fleks and Spokes.

Where can I buy fidget toys?

You can buy fidget toys right here - on! Packages ship in 2 business days and there is free shipping on orders $75+


Swallowed magnets can damage internal organs and have resulted in DEATH and SERIOUS INJURIES.

• Keep away from ALL children.

• Be aware of dropped or separated magnets.

• NEVER put near mouth or nose.

Seek prompt medical attention if you think magnet(s) have been swallowed or inhaled.

Arched Pieces

Rare Earth Magnets

Satisfying Snap

Gradient Colors

Click. Twist. Repeat.

What is Helix?

Helix is a magnetic fidget coil that loops and twists into a bunch of combinations. Relax with repetitive play or flex your creativity to unlock new shapes.

Practical and Playful.

Done fidgeting? Stick Helix on your fridge to hang a photo or use them on the conference room’s whiteboard to hold meeting notes.

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