Geode Magnetic Fidget Sphere

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On-the-desk or on-the-go, Geode is the perfect fidget desk toy. Each set includes 12 pentagons that align and snap into place perfectly every time. 


- 12 plastic pentagons

- 60 neodymium rare earth magnets


Where can I buy fidget toys?

You can buy fidget toys right here - on! Packages ship in 2 business days and there is free shipping on orders $45+


Warning! This product contains small magnets which can stick across intestines causing serious injury or death if swallowed. Discard if magnets become loose. Seek immediate medical attention if magnets are swallowed or inhaled. Keep away from all children.

The magically self aligning fidget sphere.

Fidget Aid

Focus Enhancer

Sensory Object

Desk Decoration

What do you do with Geode?

Click, stack and snap the pentagons in your palm for fidgety fun. Or get creative and see what structures, towers and spheres you can make.

The Trick.

Geode pieces can magically connect in every direction! The magnets rotate and align to click into place.

What’s inside:

12 Pentagon Pieces

Shape Guide

12 Pentagon Pieces

Shape Guide

Everyone’s a critic.

We want to see what you make! Share your shapes: #speksmade

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