Spokes Magnetic Building Set

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Spokes are the desk toy of the architect’s dream. Each set includes 24 magnetic, steel enforced bars and 10 metal bearings to use as connectors.


- 24 steel enforced magnetic bars

- 10 metal ball bearings

- 1 perfectly sized plastic case



Swallowed magnets can damage internal organs and have resulted in DEATH and SERIOUS INJURIES.

Keep away from ALL children.

• Be aware of dropped or separated magnets.

• NEVER put near mouth or nose.

Seek prompt medical attention if you think magnet(s) have been swallowed or inhaled.

Clickable, buildable, stackable fun.

Creativity Booster

Desk Decor

Focus Enhancer

Calming Tool

A satisfying snap.

With magnets in every end, Spokes will satisfyingly snap into place every time.

An architect's delight.

Put your construction hat on and your desk creations will soon be the envy of every coworker. From pyramids to pentagons, Spokes are the ultimate construction desk toy.

What's inside:

10 Steel Balls

This Fancy Case

24 Steel Enforced Bars

10 Steel Balls

This Fancy Case

24 Steel Enforced Bars

Tons of fun!