106: the 8x8 cube

how do you make a cube out of magnet balls? we’ll show you! this build is made from 512 speks and uses 1 color.

watch the video or check out the step by step guide below.

the speks 8x8 cube step-by-step:

  • step one.

    create a tube of eight 60-spek hex sheets with 4 extra per sheet stacked.

  • step two.

    with the speks splitter card, slice the outer layer. keep going until you have a sheet of speks 64 long.

  • step three.

    next start folding your sheet 8 rows in. make sure the fold is aligned, not interlocked.

  • step four.

    continue folding the sheet back and forth every 8 rows until the cube is complete.

  • the end.

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