Speks Ed.

this is where we keep the tips, tricks and how-to’s we make.

how do you make a shape with speks? with step by step instructions and videos, baby! start with the basics, or try the latest - it’s totally up to you!

<span>401:</span> the jack-o-lantern
401: the jack-o-lantern

level 4 • 461 speks

<span>203:</span> the hex flower
203: the hex flower

level 2 • 324 speks

<span>201:</span> the pyramid
201: the pyramid

level 2 • 418 speks

<span>306:</span> the star sphere
306: the star sphere

level 3 • 612 speks

<span>103:</span> the hex sphere
103: the hex sphere

level 1 • 360 speks

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